Government Business


The U.S. federal government is the single largest contractor in the world.  It presents a market so laden with opportunity that most major corporations dedicate entire sales divisions to it alone. Because of the federal government’s size, selling cycles are often much longer and contracts substantially larger than in the private sector.  Success in this particularly challenging and lucrative environment demands a strong understanding of the government sales process and how and why the government makes buying decisions. Vendors lacking such knowledge can have great difficulty navigating the complex processes involved in selling products and services to the federal government—and even sometimes in identifying those who have purchasing authority.

Whether a company is new to this market or wishes to grow its presence in it, Blank Rome is dedicated to helping clients succeed in doing business with the federal government. Our strategic efforts emphasize our belief that an “all fronts” approach ensures the highest likelihood of success. In exploring all avenues towards this goal, not only do we use traditional sales channels, but we also engage those at the political appointee level and, as appropriate, enlist the support of Capitol Hill. By using this tandem “top down, bottom up” strategy, the decision maker becomes more aware of a specific product or service and, through our efforts, is more likely to become an advocate, thus eliminating the difficulty a government employee might have in choosing a new, unfamiliar vendor or product.

While working inside appropriate agencies, we simultaneously advise Congress to assure that key members are aware of our client, their product or service, and our efforts. Our goal is a demonstrably compressed sales cycle that ultimately results in success for our client.

Blank Rome has numerous principals and partners with long terms of service in senior posts in government from both sides of the aisle. We count among our ranks a former member of Congress, deputy secretaries and undersecretaries, former senior White House staff and numerous senior staff from across agencies and Capitol Hill. The experience and relationships of our Washington insiders—combined with their substantive expertise—allows us to achieve success in federal sales on behalf of our many clients. Our overarching goal in this practice is to help clients increase their revenue through federal sales.