C.J. Zane


C.J. Zane is a lobbyist and political consultant providing strategic analysis, planning, and execution of coordinated lobbying and public affairs strategies. During the last 25 years, C.J. has been a congressional staff member, campaign manager for several successful congressional races, campaign consultant for successful U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races, and lobbyist in Juneau, AK, and Washington, D.C. C.J.'s areas of focus include appropriations and authorizations, policy legislation in Congress, and executive branch policies and regulations pertaining to:

  • Native American issues
  • natural resources, fisheries, and environment
  • transportation (i.e. rail, air, highway, maritime – Coast Guard)
  • defense
  • energy
  • municipal and local government issues
  • tourism

During his eight years as Chief of Staff to Representative Don Young (R-AK), C.J. directed the planning and implementation of Mr. Young’s legislative agenda. C.J. worked closely with key committees and subcommittees, including Ways and Means, Appropriations, Agriculture, Armed Services, and Rules, as well as Transportation and Infrastructure. His responsibilities in the House led him to forge strong contacts in the Senate and executive branch as well.

C.J. is well known to the community of organizations interested in the development of responsible natural resource and public land policies. He helped craft a number of working coalitions to help these organizations effectively advance their interests in Washington, D.C., and the Pacific Northwest region. He successfully represented several private and public sector organizations in the most recently enacted national highway legislation, MAP-21. He has also helped achieve important success for Native American businesses in the areas of federal contracting, lands, and tax policy.