David Thompson


David Thompson has over two decades of experience lobbying the government and working on Capitol Hill assisting powerful members of Congress in efforts to create an environment where businesses can grow and be free of the unnecessarily burdensome regulations that hinder growth in the economy. His vast experience on Capitol Hill at the very highest levels of that institution give him unique insight into the inner workings of Congress and its decision-making process, which he uses to advise clients on the best approach to secure real and meaningful action on their priorities.

David spent nearly a decade as a senior policy advisor to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. In this role, he served as the Speaker's primary advisor on issues relating to energy, environment, natural resources, and agriculture. In addition, David has extensive experience with the congressional oversight process, immigration reform, Medicare fraud, and tax issues.

After leaving the House, David became Senior Vice President at the Capitol Hill Consulting Group where, for over a decade, he helped design specialized lobbying strategies in tax, trade, financial services, appropriations, environment, energy, health care, aerospace and other sectors for the firm's clients. In addition to his keen insight into the decision-making process, he is known by many as honest and good natured but one who advocates fiercely for his clients' interests.

Outside the Firm

He is an avid cyclist, hockey fan, and, for the first time in a long time, a totally serene Chicago Cubs fan. David lives with his wife and family in Annapolis, Maryland.


Professional Activities

David is a recipient of the "Distinguished Young Alumnus for Professional Achievement" award from Taylor University where he earned a BA in 1991.



  • Taylor University, BA