We understand government at all levels. We have detailed knowledge of the policies and politics that impact your business on the federal, state, and local levels.

In building a successful government affairs strategy, the first step is the most important. We take the time to learn and understand our clients' business and any legislative or regulatory challenges they may face. Our successful strategies often include:

  • anticipating, tracking, and reporting on Congressional and Executive Branch legislative and regulatory developments
  • influencing legislation that may directly or indirectly impact clients and their industries
  • arranging meetings with representatives serving in the Administration, Congress, or executive agencies
  • designing grassroots campaigns to influence key legislators and harness public support
  • crafting issue-specific media strategies at local and national levels
  • identifying and securing federal funding for client programs
  • drafting legislative and regulatory materials and Congressional report language
  • lobbying Members of Congress, the Executive Branch, independent regulatory agencies, and their staffs on a bipartisan basis
  • representing clients in, or encouraging commencement of, Congressional and Executive Branch investigations