Defense & National Security


The defense industry is currently facing a landscape significantly different than just ten years ago.  This changed landscape is driven by many factors, including the fiscally constrained environment, a looming strategic shift to the Pacific, and the end of major combat operations in Iraq coupled with a timeline for withdrawal in Afghanistan.  Amidst this evolving defense and national security environment, we guide our clients—large and small—through the process of doing business with the Department of Defense (DOD) and working with the Congressional Defense Committees.

BRGR’s defense team is comprised of government affairs professionals that are uniquely qualified to handle the challenges that the industry faces and have been successfully representing defense industry clients for years. Our team includes the former Director of Legislative Affairs for the U.S. Marine Corps, a former legal specialist in the U.S. Coast Guard, a former Chief of Staff to a senior House Member on the Armed Services Committees, and a former Deputy Chief of Staff for a senior House Member on the Armed Services, Intelligence, and Veterans' Affairs Committees. These backgrounds make our team particularly knowledgeable about the military establishment, its organization and processes, and congressional committees and Members of Congress who oversee authorization and appropriations for the Armed Forces.