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Climate Extremes Vex Northeast Transit Systems

The Bond Buyer

Videos of floodwater in upper Manhattan went viral last month as storms flooded New York’s streets with four inches of rain.

While subway commuters waded through waist-high water at 157th Street, water cascaded down the Dyckman Street subway station, home to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s A line.


According to bond documents, the MBTA intends to use the proceeds to finance eligible projects with environmental and/or social benefits. Environmental benefits focus on the transition to low-carbon and climate resilience. Social benefits center on access to affordable infrastructure and socioeconomic advancement.

The range of challenges in both regions is widespread, said climate expert Alan Rubin, a partner at Blank Rome Government Relations LLC and co-head of its severe weather emergency recovery team.

“You have to look at short-term, mid-range and long-term solutions,” Rubin said.


The MTA must deal with a myriad of interests including the city’s environmental protection and transportation departments, plus utility companies and their third-party contractors.

“They work in their own silos instead of working together,” Rubin said.

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“Climate Extremes Vex Northeast Transit Systems,” by Paul Burton was published in The Bond Buyer on August 6, 2021.