Blank Rome Teams Join Forces to Provide Expanded Government Relations & Political Law Services to Clients

Blank Rome Government Relations

Former Federal Election Commission Chair Scott Thomas and team expand capabilities of Blank Rome Government Relations in the areas of campaign finance, election, lobbying, ethics, and tax law.

Blank Rome is pleased to announce the formal alignment of Blank Rome Government Relations LLC (“BRGR”) with the Firm’s Policy & Political Law (“P&PL”) group to further strengthen our government relations practice and the interrelated services we offer our clients.

BRGR brings together the Firm’s top legal, lobbying, and strategic communications professionals into a powerful team that can manage virtually every aspect of any governmental issue facing a client. Led by C.J. Zane, our BRGR team will continue to focus its efforts on developing federal laws, regulations, and policies that support our clients’ goals. With the addition of the P&PL team, led by Scott E. Thomas, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, BRGR will now have expanded capabilities to help its clients navigate the complex maze of campaign finance, election, lobbying, ethics, and tax laws at the federal, state, and local levels. 

In today’s environment, characterized by changes in domestic government policy, international trade, increased national defense outlays and challenges, and potential leadership changes in Congress, important developments can occur virtually overnight. Our multifaceted government relations service, provided by BRGR’s group of bipartisan professionals, allows us to work with “both sides of the aisle” in Congress, as well as with the current and any future administration, to help our clients successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape in Washington, D.C. From working to overcome onerous trade tariffs, to procuring important tax provisions, assisting with federal procurement issues, and much more, we strive to bring consolidated yet comprehensive government relations experience to our clients. Thus, for greater efficiency and enhanced capability, we have aligned and combined BRGR with our P&PL practice.

We have consolidated, yet expanded, our government relations services because any organization or individual affected by federal government policy must understand that while the federal government appears stymied and stuck in partisan bickering and political maneuvering, important legislation continues to move forward. In the past year, Congress has passed more major legislation on time, including national defense policy bills, tax reform legislation, Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization, and more appropriation bills, than at any time over the past 15 years. Things are indeed happening in Washington, D.C., and our combined capabilities will enhance our performance on behalf of our clients.

For more information on BRGR’s new policy and political law capabilities, please contact C.J. Zane or Scott E. Thomas.