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Letitia James Drops Out of N.Y. Governor’s Race

The New York Times

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, announced on Thursday that she was dropping out of the governor’s race and running instead for re-election.


Her allies argued that Ms. James genuinely relishes her current position. Ultimately, it appears that she did not want to give that up for the rigors of a different campaign she was far from certain to win, against an incumbent governor with whom she did not have overwhelming disagreements.

“Tish James loves what she’s doing, she’s a very passionate person, she has a lot of respect for Gov. Hochul,” said Alan Rubin, a lobbyist in New York City who backed Ms. James’s candidacy. “It wasn’t, clearly you could say, ‘I’m definitely in because I don’t agree with this person’s policies, I don’t like them.’”


“It was a very long process to get to the point where it was something she believed she truly wanted to do,” Mr. Rubin said. “It was not an easy decision.”

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“Letitia James Drops Out of N.Y. Governor’s Race,” by Katie Glueck and Nicholas Fandos, was published in The New York Times on December 9, 2021.