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Nation's Biggest Cities Praised for Climate Change Management

The Bond Buyer

The nation's three biggest cities, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, are setting the tone for effective climate change management, according to Kroll Bond Rating Agency.


"People should read the report," said resilience expert Alan Rubin, a principal at law firm Blank Rome LLP. "They're trying to use science not to bludgeon people but use science to say these problems are out there. It reflects the thinking of cities now about climate change."


Los Angeles is using cool roofs, cool pavements and planting trees. Chicago expects its large-scale smart meter program to counter high air-conditioning use. New York's strategic plan identifies coastal risk and extreme heat as significant threats.

"There's a need for restructuring and planning, not just for bonding and grants, but how to find money," Rubin said. "Miami has to counter a strong surge.

"Nation's Biggest Cities Praised for Climate Change Management," by Paul Burton was published in The Bond Buyer on March 12, 2019.