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Even before Hurricane Harvey dumped over four feet of rain over Houston and inundated America's fifth-largest metropolitan area, Washington policymakers knew the insurance system set up to help Texans deal with such events was broken.

But Harvey underlined that assessment in bold red type.


Veteran lobbyist Alan Rubin is a principal in law firm Blank Rome's government relations practice who has been working on disaster preparedness and recovery financing for decades. He notes that attention to the subject often heats up following a catastrophe. "Then it's hurry up and wait," he says.

Rubin adds that when it comes to issues like mitigation to prevent or minimise flood damage: "The question is, are we willing to spend the money - and then find a way to get back the money?"

"It's absolutely doable," he continues. "It is all about the political will."

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“History Repeating,” by Ted Bunker was published in the Winter 2017 edition of Insider Quarterly.