Trade Remedy Laws: Leveling the Playing Field

Washington, DC, Rayburn Building, Room B340

Have you wondered what exactly is meant by the term “fair’” trade?  How do domestic companies deal with unfair trade practices of foreign countries and foreign companies? What exactly is dumping? What are unfair foreign subsidies?  Does the US Government help domestic companies hurt by foreign competition?  What is the economic effect of these remedies on other “downstream” companies? Why do we have such international controversy over these procedures? And why are some Asian countries always a focus area for these issues?

This program will seek to provide some answers. Please join us in a discussion of the different trade remedy laws, how they work, the  U.S. government agencies involved, the standards for imposing remedies, and the impact of such remedies on the industries involved and the U.S. economy as a whole. Our panelists will discuss the basics of trade remedy laws  enacted to help industries affected by international trade as well as the economic impact and some of the controversies that arise between U.S. law and the WTO. In addition, program sponsors will provide a glossary of commonly used “trade remedy” terms.


Ms. Laura M. Baughman     
The Trade Partnership/Trade Partnership Worldwide, LLC

Ms. Vivian C. Jones             
Specialist in International Trade and Finance
Congressional Research Service

Mr. Steve Charnovitz         
Associate Professor of  Law
The George Washington University Law School


Ms. Peggy Clarke                
Partner, Blank Rome LLP

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Jen Williams at or 202-721-4773