Transparency: Cure to Bailout Speculation

November 13, 2008

Media Coverage

Peter Peyser was recently interviewed by Bloomberg News about the recent push for more disclosure regarding the nearly $2 trillion in emergency loans and the collateral it has accepted to protect against loss.

“Confidence is very important and any window into why decisions are being made is helpful in making people more confident that there's a steady hand at the tiller,' said Mr. Peyser, head of Blank Rome Government Relations, LLC. “Transparency is a cure to any speculation about the people implementing the policies and what their motivations may be.'

Members of Congress, taxpayers, and investors are urging the Federal Reserve to provide more details, and more than 300 investors and taxpayers are pressing for more transparency through e-mails and interviews with Bloomberg News.

Most analysts agree that an increase in available information would ease the public’s suspicion about the bailout programs, and loosen credit markets.

 “Lawmakers, Investors Ask Fed for Lending Disclosure” by Alison Fitzgerald appeared on on November 13, 2008.